Game Setup

Game setup for two players. Each player is dealt six way cards which are face up. Players choose a starting location and take their tokens. The rest of the tokens are placed on the board.

New York

The purple player decided to start the journey from New York (One of the purple: Urban locations)

Take off

The purple player placed the destination token of New York at the beginning of his/her flight log.

Way Card

This is the first way card that the purple player considers to use. It matches the purple location of New York, and it leads to Rafting through Rushmore along a green route and then a yellow route.

Rainbow Way Card

This is the second way card that the purple player can use. You can use it anywhere, and it leads to London along an orange route.


This is the better option, as now the Purple player has two purple tokens.

Travel Log

Travel log after the first move

First Move

The game after the first move. The purple player picked another way card from the deck, as players must always have six cards before the beginning of their next turn.

First Turn

The game after the first turn. The blue player moved as well and managed to collect another blue token.

Second Turn

The game continues... Both players managed to collect another token

No Move

The purple player has no moves. The only orange way card does not have a matching route (Blue, Black, Orange). In this case he/she must roll the die.

Replace three cards

The die outcome is 3. The player to the left (the blue player), picks randomly three cards to replace.

Three Fresh Cards

The purple player has now three new way cards and he/she can start to plan the move for the next turn

After third turn

The blue player managed to collect another blue token.

Direct Flight

Amazing !! The purple player got an orange direct flight which can take him/her to any orange location! Ski was the prefered option.


The blue player got a crash card, he/she must move immediatly to the crash site when the next turn starts.